Financial Sector Services

Prime Business and Engineering Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer tailor made services to the Financial services sector across the globe.

Our team is well equipped to offer Sustainability, Finance, Strategy, Data Sciences, Mathematical Modeling and Technology related integrated solutions to financial services clients. Our team is well positioned to deliver top notch services to financial sector clients by having a right blend of science, technology, engineering and finance backgrounds.

You can avail our international standard consulting services in following areas:

Mathematical Modeling – Our team is well equipped to describe real life problems and connections in mathematical terms, usually in the form of equations using tools such as Python, MS Excel, MATLAB and SQL. Using mathematical modeling techniques in linear and non-linear forms, one can come up with accurate numbers and solutions such as in the case of NPV/IRR calculations, financial modeling, pricing model, KPI monitoring management dashboards, credit scoring model or regression analysis.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) – Businesses in the modern world need to keep a balanced approach towards availing growth opportunities and managing business risks. A holistic approach is required by keeping all relevant stakeholders satisfied such as by keeping a sustainable financing exposure, maintaining a responsible set of customer portfolio by having comprehensive KYC (Know Your Client) checklists in place, having sustainable upstream and downstream operations and keeping & building sustainable business facilities.

Data Analysis and Scientific Computing – Decision making in today’s competitive business environment should no more be based on wishful thinking rather there should be a focused data driven approach which requires rigorous information and data handling using latest tools for data mining and scientific computing. Algorithms and techniques for data analysis & scientific computing can be used for making business applications and reaching workable solutions in a competitive business environment.

HR and Recruitment Solutions – Our diversified and well versed team can help you identify, approach and retain best talent available in the marketplace by maintaining congenial relationships with diverse range of human capital suited rightly for financial sector in the areas ranging from marketing, human resource, finance, technology to strategy.

Technology and Software related consultancy – Our laser focused team is well equipped to act as bridge for finance and technical talents across the globe. We can help our clients reach optimum solutions for their business needs by providing them cost-effective and business focused advice.

Research and Strategy – The competitive business landscape across the globe demands business professionals to remain well versed with latest trends in the business world so as to remain rightly positioned and competitive in the market.

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