I2C: Ideas To Connect-Recruitment Management System (RMS)

I2C: Ideas To Connect-Recruitment Management System (RMS)


We are offering an easy to use web based Recruitment Management System (RMS) for small, medium and large scale corporate sectors. The product is available on ASP.Net platform with options to deploy on internet and intranet servers.


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The system caters all the essentials of recruitment process with many additional capabilities. We are currently offering following main features with Recruitment Management System:

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Main Features

  • Admin Panel
  • Employer Panel
  • Employee and Job Seeker Panel
  • Resume and Cover Letter Management
  • Pre-employment Test Management
  • Recruitment Process Tracking for both Employer and potential Employee
  • Document Management
  • Employee Information Management
  • Account Security

Other features

  • Employee Payroll
  • Employee Attendance
  • Employee Promotion
  • Employee Probation
  • Employee Leaves



In addition to above mentioned features, we are also offering customization solutions for Recruitment Management System.


For more information and pricing, please email: info@primebne.com.pk