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Prime Business and Engineering Solutions employs people with degrees from prestigious universities in Pakistan, United Kingdom (UK) and Australia. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge with other organizations.

Our team members also have experience of teaching and research in Pakistani, British and Australian educational institutions.

Currently we are providing training services in :


  • Property Valuation
  • Business Statistics and Mathematics
  • Data Analysis
  • Excel for Finance and Management Professionals
  • Python Programming for Finance and Scientific Applications
  • OpenERP Functional Training (User and System Administrator)


OpenERP Functional Training

We have two tracks, one for users and one for system administrators.

User Training (4-5 days)

This module is designed to help the OpenERP users in taking the maximum benefits out of different modules.

It includes:

  • Understanding the basics of OpenERP
  • Using CRM Module  for Customers and Leads Management
  • Using Project Management Module for tracking Projects and Tasks
  • Using HR Management Module for managing recruitments, performance analysis and other common HR tasks
  • Using Sales, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Accounting Management Modules for common user tasks


System Administrator plus User (4-5 days)

It includes:

  • Understanding the basics of OpenERP
  • Basic Configuration of OpenERP
  • User  Management and Security
  • Database Setup
  • Setting up Reports
  • Setting up Bulk Data Import
  • Basic User Training to give some idea of how the end user will use the system


Pre-requisite: For both user and system administrator trainings, we assume basic understanding of using Windows, Internet Browsers and basics of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

We can arrange special classes for covering pre-requisites as well.